bitmap's crazy static

Recently, I've been trying to display bitmaps in ortho mode. I've tried using glBitmap, and have also tried adapting some code that stores the image data in memory, using glDrawPixels to render it.
I'm working in in the Windows API, if that should make any difference - and the other code that I've attempted to use was originally meant for GLUT, which it worked in.
My problem is that, in the location where the image should appear, there are staticky, multicoloured lines and dots. They're in the right dimensions, but bear no apparent resemblance to the original image.
Any help that anyone could give would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


  • i think the glDraw-func just copys your pixel-data to your bitmap must have the same color-format like the writing all opengl-apps for 32-bit-color-mode which works fine on all todays graphics-cards.set your desktop to 32bpp color-depth and set iPixeltype of the formatdescriptor to PFD_TYPE_RGBA and ColorDepth to 32.
    maybe you need to convert your bitmap-data to this format or switching to 16-bit colors desktop and application,depending on the format of your bitmap

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