retrieving data from 2 separate sources to merge into datagrid

Hi. Hope someone can help me. I am trying to merge data from two separate ACCESS 2000 mdb's on two different servers for use in a data grid. I've set up 2 data adapters, 2 data sets. I try to merge the two dataset so as to use a bound datagrid to display the data. All the data is to be displayed on the same datagrid row. I cannot seem to get the data merged.

Table 1 contains data on equipment including a job no which indicates where the equipment (job id) is located.

Table 2 contains data on a job, the address of the job and the job contacts.

A relationship is many table1 (equipment) to one table2 (job)

Table 1 (dsEquip1)
Equip No. 6 chars
Description 20 char
Job No. 6 chars (Foreign Key) cannot be unique
(There is a primary key, but is not necessary in this dataset. The equip no is not duplicated

Table 2 (dsJobs1)
Job No. 6 chars (Primary Key)
Job Name: 30 chars
Job Address: 30 chars
Job County: 15 chars
The main display is the equipment because multiple equipment on a job site

I fill the datasets as thus:
daEquip.fill (dsEquip1)
daJobs.Fill (dsJobs1)

Then try merging:
dsEquip1.Merge (dsJob1,true,True, MissingSchemaAction.Add)
if I don't using the missingSchemaAction parm, I get an error stating not unique keys. (equipment)

When the form loads and the data displayed, I do not get the data from the jobs dataset. I've even tried to dummy the equipment with empty spaces for the receiving info (so as to bound the form correctly), but the job data still does not display.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

Al Adolfsen

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