the difference of a script and a program?

what the difference between a script(LINUX shell scripts & web scripts) and a program?


  • : what the difference between a script(LINUX shell scripts & web scripts)
    : and a program?
    A script is written in a scripting language and a program is written in a programming language. OK?

    Thought not. Trouble is, how do we define scripting language and programming language? The lines have become very blurred. To me a scripting language doesn't support complex, if any, flow control or have much in the way of data types (either value (e.g. int, string) or container types (e.g. array, collection, hash)). It won't support subroutines, and certainly not object orientation.

    The languages web scripts are written in generally are almost certainly programming languages. ASP languages are programming languages for certain. Perl, which I work in, is most certainly a programming language too, though we talk about Perl scripts all the time. JavaScript is a programming language in my eyes. Not a particularly nice one, but anyway... :-)

    I guess one distinction some people make is programs = compiled, scripts = interpreted, which if you look at what is more often called a programming language and a scripting language kinda fits. The lines between interpretation and compilation are blurred today too, mind, so don't take this as a good metric either. Maybe scripts = run from the source, programs = compiled then run could be a better way to look at it. But it's still not clear cut.

    My own conclusion: does it really matter? Provided what I'm using does the job, I'm happy.


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