I found this great vb style language called RealBasic. I wanted to find out more so i searched for a forum on it, but didnt find one.

So i made my own.

It is at www,



  • Great ideea!
    Real Basic compiles very well [ small and fast code ]. Besides Real Basic is very professionaly developed; professionals for professionals - just like C was.
    It makes a great tool.

    [ I think you should make more publicity about that. ]
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    Well, I am in the same category I think.
    I have absolutely not much hands on programing expirience, but do design my own in spreadsheets and recording macros.
    The next step I was told was to get onto VB.
    This seemed too hard at the time and I was shown REALbasic.

    Not sure what all the intros meant but I understand it's cross platform.
    OK, and this other intro. somewhere I read, RB has some advantage over DLL files, whatever that might mean.
    Sounds good to me and there has been no overwhelming negativity, infact none I can remember from searching many RB forums and listings.
    I decided to start my own forum to, but ya beat me to it, so I may as well join here ?


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