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Hi all,

first i appologize for my bad english.

I still wonder, why there is no way to get a c/c++ source which scales a bitmap picture in high quality. All funtions i can find are just pixelskip. there is no function with subpixel interpolation. Finaly after a long search i found one which has a good interpolation, but for that it has no clipping at the borders, so that you have to put a blank border around the source image before you can scale it down.

Can anyone provide me with an link/url or source? I can use Pascal sources also. But i cant use system dependent functions, cause my routines must work on a system independent hardware.

Thanks in advance



  • Hi

    I think you could try to use openGL routines for resizing image. In my opinion the best way to do this is put image as a texture. OpenGL is available on most platforms. Else you can only write your own procedures or use some image library but I don't know about any free lib offering good resizing procs available for different OSes. I am working on this topic right now (and I stuck :( ) and when I get good working routines I shall post them here.

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