Can Anyone Asisst me Writing these programs?

Do you think that you could help me out with these:
here is some of the code that I have and here are the instructions on what I need to write code for but some of the stuff I can't figure it out.

Here are the file names for each:

Factorial: I don't know how link these 2 programs to the menu file for choosing Iterative or recursion.

Array Music list: I don't know how to stop the array from ending and the program from prompting to press any key to continue in order to prompt for disply of number for confirmation before deletining and compress the array and notifiy when done. Also to add a new title to the array at the bottom.

Linkedlist: I could not finish the part to enter song to add to list or delete from list and print.

Binary Tree: I didn't know where to start on this one could you guide me in the right direction with starting this on?

1: Factorial

- write program to calculate Factorial iteratively and recursively.
- allow user to enter a value(n)
- allow the user to specify iterative or recursive
- output results of calculation.

2: Array Music list

- write a program that uses an array to store a list of CD titles
- the program should pre-load at least 10 titles
- the program must display a menu to the user with the following options:

- display list: show # and title
- display item: prompt for # to delete
show the title to the user for confirmation
remove from array
compress array
notify user that it is complete
- add item: prompt the user for the new title
add at bottom of array
- exit: end program.

3. Linkedlist

4. Binary Tree

- write a program that reads in a list of random numbers from a file and stores then in a binary tree structure.
- the input file should be named 'random.dat'
- after reading the data, the program should perform an in-order traversal, printing out the data.

Thank you very much!

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