Help I think I'm over my head

I just started a C++ for beginers and I think I am in way over my head! I am just not getting it I have started on this project and I am stuck any help/ideas would be appreciated.

here is the project:
You have been tasked to work with TIDEWATER Ticket agency to write a program to assist clerks in determining the total amount due for concert tickets and the amount of complementary beverage coupons earned. Ticket prices are based on the quantity purchased and the category of seats. Table 1 contains the current price schedule.

Seat Category Buy 5 tickets or less Buy 6 or more tickets
Box Seats $50.00/ticket $40.00/ticket
Pavilion seats $35.00/ticket $25.00/ticket
Lawn seats $20.00/ticket $12.00/ticket
Table 1

Currently the following business rules are in effect:
Ticket Price varies by category and quantity.
Sales tax is 4%
Complementary beverage coupons are issued at a rate of 2 coupons for every 3 tickets purchased

Your program should accept the following two inputs:
- Number of tickets purchased
- Category of tickets

The output of the program should consist of the following items:
Amount due from sale of tickets
Amount of Sales tax
Total amount due (ticket total + sales tax)
Quantity of complementary beverage coupons earned. This must be calculated as a programmer defined function that passes the result back to the main program

Notes The bonus coupons must be calculated in a programmer defined function that returns the value back to the main program..
Currency values must be displayed with 2 (and only 2) decimal places to the right of the decimal.
The only allowable user inputs are ticket category & quantity. All other information must be written as part of your projects source code

and this is where I am currently at:
using namespace System;
int main()
int tickPurch = 0;
char catagory = ' ';

//enter input data
Console::Write("Enter number of Tickets Purchased: ");
tickPurch = Convert::ToInt32(Console::ReadLine());

Console::Write("Enter seat Catagory: ");
catagory = (Convert::ToChar(Console::ReadLine());

// validate input data

if (tickPurch > 5 && catagory = B)
calcTickCost(tickPurch, catagory);

Console::WriteLine("Ticket cost is: {}"));

}return 0;

//******function definitions*******
void calcTickCost(int tickPurch, char catagory)
//calculate ticket cost
TickCost = tickPurch * 40
//end calctickCost function

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