What to use: DirectX vs OpenGl

Hi all,

Sorry if I am asking the million times question, but I am new to 3D graphics and searching the net I found that there are mainly two options for creating 3D graphics (DX and OpenGl). I would want to ask you what is the best option to go? Thanks...John


  • i think there was a HUGE thread about this topic here some time ago.

    to make it short:

    -> DX is object-orientated,opengl is not
    -> DX works only under win32 (Win9x,WinXP,..),opengl-program can be ported to linux OS (and other platforms) with easily (ansi-c++ code using only opengl needs only very few changes to compile under different platforms)
    -> DX provides functionality for sound-,network-,keyboard/mouse support,too
  • Hey CroW,

    Thanks for your reply. I searched the forum and could not find the thread you mentioned. Can you please give me a link to it?? Thanks again...John
  • SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USA
    It's not so simple as stated. GL is much faster on cards that are compliant (ie: no Radeons before the 9800) and is much easier to pick up and learn. DirectX is NOT the 3D API by Microsoft, it's an entire group of APIs which covers a HUGE spectrum. For instance, DirectX is basically DirectSound, Direct3D (what you want to use), DirectPlay, and DirectInput. There may be others, but that's a basic run-down. When it all boils down to it, D3D runs on more cards using software fall-backs, but GL is faster and can be used on ANY platform.


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