Web Application Development

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Don't you all wonder why we see a lot about web-design, web-content, but hardly any topic about something that is really BOOMING:

[b]Web Application Development[/b]

Of course there are a lot op people developing applications via the low-level way: PHP/MySQL for example. And of course for these particular technologies (PHP and MySQL) we find a lot of news groups, forums, dedicated websites etc.

But were on the internet can we find discussions about the higher level [b]IDE's for RAD and RP[/b]? (Integrated Development Environments for Rapid Application Development and Rapid Prototyping)

We are re-inventing the wheel time after time. Of course the BIG GUYS have developed their own expensive frameworks, but [b]what about the smaller companies with 1 to 5 programmers?[/b]

I Would like to suggest to take a look at Polar Studio, an IDE+RAD for web-based application development:


Where can we discuss about similar IDE's and RAD Tools?


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