read content of a DataRepeater

I'll try to explain this fully...

I have a dataSet that I created from a dataAdapter. That dataSet 'powers' my repeater.

Each time the the repeater adds a new item, rMainMenu_ItemCreated fires. In rMainMenu_ItemCreated I need to look at the actual TEXT of the data item (called pageName) and then compare it to a variable and output code.

My problem lies in getting the repeater to give up the text that is in the dataSet.

If I run the application in debugging, I can get to the actual text as follows:
e - item - dataItem - [] - row - ItemArray[2]

But I can't get to it programatically at this point.

Using the .NET help, I came up with the esample shown in Repeater.ItemDataBound Event - it is exactly what I need, except that I am not getting my data from an Array, and I have no idea how to adapt that code to a repeater that is getting the data from a dataSet.



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