Looking for QBX programmers for casino game

I am looking for QBX programmers for a casino game I am going to make.

I need:
* Minimum 2 translators (one for French and one for Spanish)
* Minimum 3 programmers each for:
* Blackjack
* Roulette
* Craps
* 5-card draw
* 7-card stud
* Six different slot machines (e-mail me at thirdtornado628@aol.com for designs)
* Horse racing
* Minimum 8 voiceovers each for:
* English
* Spanish
* French
(if you're bi- or trilingual in these languages, great!)
* Maximum 7 graphics designers (there won't be more than 8--I'm one of them)
* Marketing director
* Compiler

(1) It's free
(2) You get paid equal share by our marketing director
(3) You can do more than one job if desired
(4) You will be allowed to enter a private messageboard just for this game if you apply

(1) I won't allow a "play for real" option
(2) I'm not the one paying you

* Your first and last name
* Your e-mail address
* The job you're applying for

The e-mail address is thirdtornado628@aol.com
I Have Returned
(formerly Jeffrey Hope)
Heh heh heh, I'm still Jeffrey Hope, because that's my name!
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