Hefty Challenge for Flash Programmers

First, let me start by saying that I cannot, in any way, garantee payment for work.

Alright, I'm working on a project with another guy.
We came to a portion where we decided that we needed a Flash design for it.
The "it" is a character sheet for RPG's.
The "catch" is that the character sheet has to be:

-Graphically Editable (as in, the user can adjust where the graphics sit)

-Content Editable (as in, the user can alter all the text on the sheet)

-Link into a PHP database and be drawn and delivered to by the system

The point of this is to provide the user with an easy way to make a character sheet that is completely tailored easily by them to their need for any RPG that they happen to need it for.

Neither myself, or the other guy working on the project know Flash so we need to out-task this part of the project.
I could really use someones help with this.
If you are interested, please leave a reply.

*prays to the gods of mercy*

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