Im trying to create a data base analyzer however im having 3 problems:


Im using a list view control but i cant seem to get the list view to display the column headers at design time and at run is the code im using at run time: (lvwProperties is the name of the list view)

lvwProperties.ColumnHeaders.Add 1, "Name", "Name", 4000
lvwProperties.ColumnHeaders.Add 2, "Value", "Value", 6000


As part of my project im developing, i am trying to reference the:
Microsoft ADO Ext 2.1 for DLL and Security libraries

however it isnt there when i view the refereces, but there is 2.7 version of this reference...can i use this one???


When i run the following code..I get an error message stating that the object dosnt exist, is this because Im not using the correct reference or is it a error within my code:

Private Sub FillTableList()
Dim tabloop As ADOX.Table

For Each tabloop In m_catDB.Tables
If tabloop.Type = "TABLE" Then
cboTables.AddItem tabloop.Name
End If
Next tabloop
cboTables.Enabled = False
End Sub

Thanks for ur time folks...eagerly waiting ur assistance

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