I am planning to make a passive RFID cards. I would like to know which all companies provide the basic materials for it and which is the best...(all have their own openions...still...).

Also, if I am designing my own passive card, where shall i begin...? is therre any good resource available on net?
(You may please speak technically, deep no problem,,,Im a Post graduate in electrionics). All I need to know is where to start.

Please help me....


  • hi i am currently doing the same thing and understand that u may be well into your project now, i am designing a active tag and am also a postgraduate student but found it hard for component based solutions as i have done a computer engineering degree, so if possible you could help me find the appropriate or your components and any designs that u have come across, this would be much appreiciated and any subject i get will forward to youself..
    i look forward hearing from u ..
    Ayaz alam

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