java and 2003 server

Hi and thanx in advance!

Some time ago I made a tiny java app, and it worked quite finely in a win NT 4.0. But we have recently changed our server, not just hard but soft too, so we swapped everything to 2003 server. And here comes the weird thing, the java app doesnt work any more. Executing it with the default java executable, javaw it says that main class is not found, and with java -jar it returns %zip% exception. I must say that the manifets is correctly
implemented because it still works perfectly on any other windows, I tested it on xp and 98 and it did it well.

So my question is, Does the jvm work correctly on 2003 server? Should i change something? Should i bomb the server? ;)

Hope somebody can help me!

So thanx again, and bye!
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