CSS new guy question

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I'm fairly new to CSS, so bear with me.

What I am attempting is to set up a non-fluid un-collapsable area. Thought I'd try a Div with specific pixel width(made it "#area") and put the elements inside, float the elements and WAHLAH...Well, in IE it worked as I hoped...But in Mozilla it does not at all do as I would like. One problem being div only encompasses h1 element. (also notice div background does not travel down entire h1.)

Here is the CSS/HTML I've been trying:


Testing uncollapsable area

New style. I want this H1 on top of everything. Links on left and Paragraph to right of links.

I must now recreate some brand new words. This time it should be floating to the right of some links, but below H1. Though having trouble getting it to stay within div in Mozilla!

*me getting headache*

Probably some wonderful(read:sarcasm) little point regarding CSS I am not aware of yet. Shall try Programmers Heaven for advice.


Any help/guidance/direction is much appreciated

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