Such a thing as an Opcode Tester?

I'm having a really interesting time installing any variant of Linux onto a P4 2.5GHz machine. I've swapped out all the components except for the processor. A 72-hour burn in with memtest86 reveals no errors with the memory, so I really don't think it's that.

So, I think it's the processor. More specifically, maybe it has some damage I don't know about. I think it could either be defunct L1/L2 cache, or an opcode that should execute isn't executing. I can do simple things in ASM fine, like MOV and INT. Those work without a problem.

Here's what I'm wanting to try now. Is there such a thing as an "Opcode tester" for the Pentium 4 processor? Something that will execute all possible x86 instructions for this processor? I really think that might be the case. I can get a P4 3.2 (800) for $240, but I can't exactly afford it right now. The hardware, card-wise, that's in this current machine, they are from the old machine, and they previously worked on Linux.

I'd like to know if the processor is faulty before I go and buy a new one that might not even fix this problem.



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