What do you mean by this terms ?


Can you explain these terms ?

1. Thick Client
2. Thin Client
3. Smart Client

Advance Thanks for your time & patience.



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    Thin: Most of the Business Logic (main code) resides on the server, the client is mostly there to capture data and submit to server. (Example would be a Webpage that interacts with ASP, where all the business logic is resolved on the IIS installation on the server)

    Thick: Most of the Business Logic (main code) is handled on the Client side, maybe just data passed to the Server. (May be an example of perhaps a VB application talking to SQL database, where there are no Stored procedures, but rather all SQL code is compiled into the Client side application - SQL Statements are coded into the form itself...)

    Smart???? Not sure on this one (maybe cause I aint to smart myself).



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