Feed Back Wanted: Game Library Beta Test!

Playful Minds San Jose, California.

Playful Minds announces the closed beta of the richly featured Playful Minds Game Library (pmGL). We are looking for a few select developers who would like to speed up and simplify their game development. Developers will receive a free license for one commercial product upon completion of the beta program. In exchange, Playful Minds asks for input on our product road map, general testing, and feature enhancements.

PMGL is a fully featured, commercial game library, providing much more than graphic controls. PMGL includes: Networking, Sound, Extensive Skin-able User Interface Controls, 2D primitives with scaling, alpha, and rotation, Compressed File Packaging, Debug Tools, Software Key Encryption, Tokenizer, Link List, Particle Controls, 3D Mesh, Data Table Management. It enhances Direct X 8.1 and will work with most major C++ development environments.

PMGL allows coders to focus on game play rather than learning complex the OpenGL and Direct X platforms. Yet it still gives coders the power and control of C++. Game play is the key to a games success, not the technology behind it. Using pmGL can save over a year of development time! Currently, three companies use pmGL for six different commercial applications. We would like your company to be next. Please apply at to become a select beta developer at www.playfulminds.com/pmgl.htm.

Please feel free to send questions to pmGL@playfulminds.com.

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