Need Help Please

Hi Guys...
My Name Is Hani And I'm a New Member 2 Programmers Heaven..
I'm Planing 2 Develop A Buetooth Application On My PC Wich Can Allocate All The BT Devices Around, Send & Receive text msgs From Them & Catch This txt msg To Work On It.!!
Do Any 1 Knows How To Deal With My MSI BT USB connected To My PC In My Code( Or
I Need 2 Know How To Start..!
Is There Any SDK To Use..? IF Yes, Where Can I Get It..?
Please Any Pice Of Clear Code And Steps Will Be Helpfull..!!
Thx 4 Listening And I'm Waiting 2 Hear From You ASAP.
Thx Again
Regards 2 u All.. :o)
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