I have something so simple...

Okay, first off, I'm not a programmer. Looking at one page of code makes me want to go home crying to mommy. After you are through snickering, you'll hear me tell you that I solve 3D animation problems that might reduce many of you to a tearful whine. Hey, we all do different things. Which is tangentially related to my subject: I have a project that would be child's play to a mediocre game programmer. The animations and sprites are all done. Done, got that? And only 4 people own it; it's a wonderful and unique niche, to boot. We are a start-up whose programmer may be sidelined for awhile with another comittment. We all want to make money NOW, we don't want to wait 3 months! This would take a good c++ or Delphi programmer maybe a few weeks or less to finish to an executable program for PC. Our website is built, we just need our product. Invest a few weeks for a contractual slice of the pie. It's going to be rich pie. Serious inquiries only. Must be committed to a few weeks of full-time work. We are a start-up, 2 years into spending on this flagship program. Located in Ohio. please send adequate contact info.
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