MySQL Maestro 1.4


Since the question about GUI for MySQL is often on this message boards, we would like to introduce a new release of MySQL Maestro - our powerful Win32 GUI solution for MySQL server administration and database development. A fully functional trial version of MySQL Maestro is available at

MySQL Maestro supports all the latest versions of MySQL, including MySQL 4.1/5.0, and all of the most important MySQL features, including:

- stored procedures and functions;
- user-definable functions;
- InnoDB foreign keys;
- transaction-safe tables;
- BLOB and TEXT field types;
- MySQL 4.x user privilege extensions;
- and many more.

On top of everything, MySQL Maestro provides you with exceptional client-side features, such as multi-functional database explorer, query repository, visual query builder, data export and import, drag-and-drop operations, diagram viewer, etc. For more information, please visit our website at

Best regards,
SQL Maestro Group
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