directdraw alpha blending (UPDATED) HELP ME!!!!!

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hello again,

Right now, I'm improving my old game engine by adding alpha blending capabilities. Since I have no experience with the subject, I turned to open source and freeware to help. I could only find one that I could figure out, because I am using directx and I want it to be fast.

I am using the "improved" version (non-MMX) from this site:

I compiled the sample file from that article, and when testing the blending speed, the FPS hovered at around 170. When I copied the function into my game library, it still works, but the FPS drops down from about 160 to about 40. When I try the "fast 50/50" function, it drops even further to about 20.

Why would this happen? It works just fine in the sample (which I can compile).

If you know of or have any other alpha blending code that uses directdraw, please tell me!

Please help me out here!!!

Thanks for ANY help!

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