Linker error problem that is driving me mad

Hi all,

Currently working with C++ Builder and I'm getting the following error message when I compile my project
(Linker Error) Unresolved external referenced from
C:Documents and SettingsDesktopPC-SoftWareMain.obj
Now that error isn't THAT uncommon (given that I've trawled through just about every help site out there). But here's the big problem:

-no case mismatch.
-I've got no __pascal or __cdecl declarations in the entire project.
-There's definitely no '.obj' file missing.
-I did link in the emulation library.
In addition something interesting came up when I ran the command

TDUMP -ee -m MainDLL.dll

I've got 15 functions in this file and 14 of them show up when this command is executed...except the function name that gives the linker error as shown above. I also created a '.asm' file and included it in the project but to no avail. This is shown below
..model flat
@function_name: FAR

@function_name PROC FAR
db 0c3h
@function_name ENDP

Clearly the function in question isn't being linked into the project but I've got no idea why just this one function is causing a problem. Implicitly declaring all functions according to their type (eg. __fastcall) doesn't help either.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated :-)


  • It sounds like you've investigated pretty thoroughly and I can only offer two "dumb" fixes that have worked for me in similar cases:
    1. If the function is coming from a standard include file,
    open the file and check it to see if it is somehow
    2. Open a new project file and save/add all your existing
    source files to it and try to recompile.

    Each of these desperation fixes have straightened out a problem for me exactly once. Hope they help.
  • Griz803,

    First off been busy the last few days so couldn't reply here but just like to thank you cos unbelievably opening a new project file and saving all my files to it worked! I couldn't believe my luck when the application actually opened in front of me. It just made me believe that does indeed exist.

    Cheers mate :-)

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