HELP... I am using the AT91R4008 and I can't the LEDS to light up....

Programming in assembly


Unsure how the LEDS and SWITCHES work.
(Need to understand what to talk to them so I know how to address them)


I am really new to the ARM7 and I have been able to find my way around programming the chip in assembler quite well when it comes to the internals... I have however come across quite a snag...

I have no idea where to start when it comes to interfacing with the LEDS and SWITCHES. The documentation is quite cryptic, and I need help on getting started with the code. Please expalin to me how the LEDS and SWITCHES work so I can understand how to progam them.

Any and all help is [b]GREATLY APPRECIATED.[/b]
Psyberbob :)
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