need an advice to start


I know C programming from my project in undergraduate and I want to be professional in real time C (and/or embedded C). I am working in a job different than this area now and I try to learn something by myself by reading books and tutorials about RTOS. To learn something about programming, I have to start somewhere but I don't know where and how. Could you give me an advice, any type of advice?



  • [b]Greetings fellow programmer.[/b]
    I am learning as well.

    [b]Here are things that helped me.[/b]

    1-finding my way around the programming environment (I use CodeWarrior IDE).
    2-learn about the debugger (I use AXD)
    3-learn about the specific language instruction set and libraries you need

    I googled and found quite a bit of information about these topics.
    Help files can sometimes be helpful depending on who wrote them.

    [b]Hope this helps,[/b]

    Psyberbob :-)

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