need an advice

Hi Folks,

I would like to ask your advice/opinion about choosing the RTOS.
I does not have enough experience with device drivers and RTOS.
I need to write some sw, that will acts as IP-network quality analyzer.
The system should get the packet as soon as it arrivies into the ethernet interface (10/100Mbps), put timestamp on and store it
in the memory, which will be read by another application that makes analysis of the stream quality(packet loss, delay and jitter etc) or send raw timestamped data via the second eth interface for further processing.

There are several things that I need to do, but more
important of them is:

1. Pick-up the ethernet board, which have receive buffer size control (to disable Rx buffering)
2. Rewrite the driver for packets timestamping and storage in some memory area
3. And of course, choose RTOS with hight accuracy timer and good IRQ queue

Could you please advice something regarding the selection of RTOS, potential bottlenecks ?
For which things should I pay more attention ?

Thank you a lot,

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