asm code being a pain

hi i am using the following asm source code to try and read the bootsector from a: and jump to it. it only works

for my os. when i want to load a dos floppy it hangs. i think that it may be due to the current environment. how

can i reset the system to the defualt IPL environment ( without rebooting the system)?

MOV AL,1 /* One sector */
MOV AH,2 /* */
MOV BX,0x7C00 /* ; ...offset 7C00 */
MOV CL,1 /*; ...sector 1 */

xor dx,dx
mov es,dx

/* ; ...track 0*/
INT 0x13 /*; ...floppy */
db 0x0EA /*; Jump Far to */
dw 0x7C00,0x0 /* ; 0000:7C00 */

Thanks for your help


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