Plz Help Me Every sooner

I've Some Problem , Plz c My Source Code , It should be worked , a program that show the mouse pointer , & when Left Clicked Show The Postiotion By X & Y .
When Right Clicked Show a Confirm For Exit (or with out confirm).
plz help me i need it every sooner !
it needs one header file that our instructor was programmed it 4 making easier input & output (& u'll need it if wanna to Meke it's Executeable File .
i heard that 4 using the mouse the interrupt 33h should be used on a different function.

include io.h

cr equ 10
lf equ 13

.Model Small

.Stack 200h


thecorp db cr,lf,' IF U R a hacker o cracker or need hacks or cracks of any programs plz visit our website at',0
MainPos db cr,lf,' The Mouse Position : ',0
XPos db cr,lf,' X : ',0
YPos db cr,lf,' Y : ',0
Thepos db 16 dup (?)
xbinary dw 0
ybinary dw 0
bs dw 0


Main proc Far
mov ax,@Data
mov ds,ax

mov ah,00h
mov al,12h
int 10h

mov ax,0ch
int 33h

theloop :

call InitMouse

cmp bs, 01
je theend
cmp bs, 10
je command
jmp theend
mov dx,5020
mov ah,2h
mov bh , 0
int 10h

output mainpos
output xpos
itoa thepos,cx
output thepos

output ypos
mov thepos,0
itoa thepos,dx
output thepos

jmp theloop
theend : output thecorp


main endp

InitMouse proc Near

mov ax,0ch
int 33h
cmp bx,01h
je EndFunc
shr cx,03
shr dx,03
cmp cx,xbinary
je nochange
cmp dx,ybinary
je beginy
nochange: mov xbinary,cx
mov ybinary,dx
EndFunc: mov bs,bx

InitMouse endp

mov ax,4c00h
int 21h

end main

I Also Trying 2 Upload it's Requiered Files At .
plz help me every sooner. Tnx Again & bye 2 later

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