Right to Left language problem

i want to write an application on a right to left language(Farsi) in winxp. when i use usual characters everything is ok but when i want to use special characters ( like , () : )from input, characters direction failes. what can i do?


  • What do you mean 'fails'? crashes? or stops reverse direction?
    Perhaps you fins useful this webs:
    -http://www.unicode.org/unicode/reports/tr9/ [a bit large]

    I don't know too much about that, but perhaps it is 'normal' beucause it finds the simbols not specific of farsi language. The bidi algorithm allows to write in the same sentence some words for example in arabic (in rigt-to-left order) and when detects a latin character or a number automatically gets de left-to-right order. Really don't know...
  • What do you mean 'fails'? crashes? stops the behavior right-to-left?

    You will find useful those webs:


    , and info about the bidi algorithm.

    I think that it's 'normal' that the right-to-left behavior stops when find a symbol. For example, in arabic you can write in the same sentence words in arabic (right-to-left) and when begin writing latin words, or numbers or symbols, the direction changes to left-to-righ. This way you can write sentences in both languages. Anyway, I really don't know... Hope y find it useful.

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