Regular Expression Help

Hi all,

Just started looking at regular expressions, and it appears that it could help in a problem that I used to spen ages working on.

I have a string for example:
"This [is] a word [document for windows] and it looks [very nice]"

What I want is to return the words in the square brackets. So the answer to the above (useless) string would be:

"document for windows"
"very nice"

I have tried a few examples, but they don;t work, what Regex should I use.



  • Hi,

    I don't know If I have understood your question correctly.

    If you know what set of words are waste words, u can keep all those words in a string array and then compare each word of the given sentence with all of them and if found, then replace that word with spaces. I understood your question this way.

    For example in Google search, it ommits all words like "is", "in", "for", ... I don't know if u trying to do the same. If it is the case, then above idea might help you.

    All the best.
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