Hi all,

Actually i have a USB ISDN-TA modem . I have its device driver as well . I have made an application to access the internal register ,sending and receiving data of device thru its device driver. Now i want this modem to be registered as a standard modem . So that any web-browser can communicate with this device driver . But where my application will lie?

Now this application, as mentioned, is for transfer of data from PC over an ISDN U-bus.

1. The application is to provide high speed internet access for the users, over ISDN lines (IDSL).
2. the user will use any standard browser application like Internet Explorer, for acessing the internet.
3. Our aim, is to link the HFC-S USB device driver with the Web browser application. We understand that for doing this, the USB device must be registered as a dial-up modem device in the PC.
4. Once the user starts the browser application, the dial up USB modem should send a proprietary signal over the ISDN line to the CO line card, for setting up the call. Once the call setup is done, the user must be able to browse using the web browser application.

I hope you have understood . We also have the device driver for the HFC-S USB device. Now the confusion is reg. the integration of all these things in one application (i.e) Device driver, signalling Protocol stack(application developed by us), Web Browser application.

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