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Hi friends...
I need to create a generic Java Package to perform the taks of recording client information(like in remote reading room,it is necessary to record the book name and the page number for the reader in order to resume the reading for the reader next time) and use a simple application to demonstrate that my package is actually working.I need to use Java applets.How can i start working on this...? What approach should i follow? Can anyone please guide?


  • First of all this forum is for Java Server Pages and not for Java applets.
    You need to have some sort of mechanism to store the information of the user. This can be a file, a cookie or a database.
    A file would be the simplest but gets hard when you want to store more different information in it.
    A database is a bit more difficult but it can be used far more dynamic than a file. I would go for a database.

    If I understand your question right you want to store information about the book name and page number when the user exits.
    I wouldn't go for applets at all but just for JSP because you can use JavaBeans that store this kind of information for you.
    And you can create a script, that when the body of the html unloads, get executed and gets the values from the JavaBean and writes them to a database.

    You can do it with an applet but it I don't like to use them. They only get executed on client machines and there functionality is limited.

    I hope this helps you.


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