OLE Automation, Delphi 7 Ent and MS Access 2003

Hi forum members,
I need to write a debtors module ad-in/on for a general ledger system which is written in MS Access. Both the front end forms and the DB are in Access, but the Debtors module will utilise an MS SQL DB and a Delphi 7 front end.

I know that there are two ways of doing this, although I have no idea as to the technicalities of either.
1. Run the Access application imbedded in an OLE Container inside the D7 app: I have tried this, but I cannot get Access to imbed itself seamlessly into the D7 form at run time. Access starts but it runs as a linked server app. despite setting the appropriate properties in the Object Inspector for the TOleContainer.
2. Write a COM add-in that will integrate into the Access application menu when it starts, and will therefore run within the Access app. as if it where part of the Access app.

My preference is for 2. as it will make the add-in look like part of the Access GL app. and will be more comfortable for users.

I've taken a look at the help docs in D7, and I've browsed the Web quite extensively, but I do not see much in the line of good examples for how to do this. Does anybody have any ideas or can somebody point me at some sample code that will help me with this? It is very important that I make a success of this, as it will lead to a much bigger application job in the near future.
Any help will be much appreciated.
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