Calculation of a degree of similarity of phrases

i make The Extended stored procedure for MS SQL Server which
Calculation of a degree of similarity of phrases.
One of the most complex and important problems for the developer and the operator of a database is maintenance of uniqueness names in the most important references of system.
Offered function can be used in SQL inquiry as criterion of sorting of the directory according to similarity with a required phrase.

incredibly high speed of data processing

Unique algorithm analyzing similarity of phrases even at significant divergences in required phrases

is not required installation of additional libraries to each client - library DLL must benn installed only on a server.

Result is all the table sorted in decreasing order phonetic similarity (probably use of operator TOP for sample only the limited quantity of the most similar variants)

Use of user server function supposes use in Stored procedures, Views and any SQL expressions

Spends a minimum of server memory


If the decision of the given problem is interesting to you and there is an opportunity desire and an opportunity to test
Dll and sample scripts in rar archive (2,5 KB)
I thank in advance

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