Experienced control systems designer/programmer

Experienced control systems designer/programmer seeks projects. Specializing in automated machinery. 10 years of experience integrating various components and controls into advanced automated machinery.

Successful designs include 2 and three axis motion control systems utilizing closed loop servo systems and open loop stepper systems. System design from concept to completion including electronic design incorporating discrete and analog IO, RS-232 and Ethernet protocols on stand alone dedicated motion controls and PC-104 DOS targets.

Successful designs utilize a range of programming disciplines including:
C++, BASIC, Proprietary GALIL, ladder logic, and proprietary control languages, as well as TCP/IP SOCKETS programming at the DOS level.

Familiar with and some experience with: PASCAL, FORTRAN, Forth, Assembler, and Visual Basic. Computer experience 15+ years, proficient touch typist, Completely familiar with most standard Windows apps including MS Word and MS Office suite, Pagemaker, Photoshop, and CAD systems.

Please contact me at dparker213@hotmail.com
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