USB Camera-Unknown Device ???

Hi folks,
Here is the situation:
OK.... I plug in my camera to a front USB slot and it powers up. Next I get an error message like this:
[blue][b]USB Device Not Recognized
One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it[/b][/blue]
The camera shows up in Device Manager as [b]'Unknown Device'[/b] and when I check for drivers DM shows no drivers loaded even though I'm sick of loading the drivers from the CD that came with the camera (I've uninstalled a few times too) I've tried rebooting and letting windows find the camera. Another mystery is when I go into [B]Control Panel/Scanners/cameras/Add Device[/B].... the camera is not in the list even though I've installed the drivers using the CDRom install.exe and it reports - [B]"Dual Mode Digital Camera 3.0M installed successfully[/B]

I just don't know what's going wrong here.
(The camera is working perfectly)
Ideas anyone?
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