Forms and drop down selections help

im a newbie when it comes to html programming. can somebody tell me how to make form in a very simple html code? also, can you tell me how to make a drop down selection code where users can choose among the choices on the drop down list? :) Thanks!!!!!


  • ... = the tags that denote a form, surprisingly. Not strictly necessary, unless you want it to do something, but you should have it there, as it's good practice.

    = the tag that denotes a textbox (default/type="text"), checkbox (type="checkbox", IIRC), radio button (type="radio", give more than one the same name to group them together), button (type="button"), reset button (type="reset"), submit button (type="submit") or password box (type="password"). Value attribute holds the default value for textboxes and password fields, or the text that shows up on the various buttons.

    ... = multiline textbox, like the reply box. The default value is held between the tags.

    ... = select box. tags denote the various options, size tells it how many options to show at once, and the multiple attribute tells it that you can select more than one at a time.

    I did all that from memory, so I might have got something wrong. A go0d resource is
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