how to set up own server with XP Professional

Hello there,

is there an easy way to set up my own webserver with XP Professional tools only. I have Apache installed and Xampp utilities but Apache wont show nothing but its documentation.

So I just tried to set up a server with Windows tools but could not found any instructions or how tos for this. The small booklet shipped with XP doesnt provide any information about this.

Thanks in advance.


  • Newsflash: Windows is not secure. XP Pro is not a server.

    If you want a cheap server (doesn't everyone) run Linux. I recommend Red Hat 7.2 or Fedora. But I hear Mandrake 10 is pretty spiffy.

    Linux will give you more security and a graphical interface. You can use Windows XP Pro to create pages and admin the server. But the server will be secure and not as vulnerable to bored 15 year olds who would love to have your visitors viewing indecent materials when you least expect it.

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