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I had a friend/co-worker register with PH for an account. He went through the standard method and at the end, he received the message that a temporary password would be emailed to the email account he provided. That was 3 to 4 days ago and he has yet to receive an email. With the thought that perhaps it was just a glitch, he went to sign on and used the Forgot Password? option and it said his password was being emailed to him. It listed the correct email address but still, no email. Is PH still allowing new members? Is there a server problem where emails are not going out?


  • Hello

    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    We do still accept new members and the email should work. Some resons for the email to not arrive are:
    * Your friend is using a Spam filter?
    * Your friend's Mailbox is full?

    Contact me at directly for further help.


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