user breakpoint in a DLL

My DLL contains a class called CAI, which exports a function with the following signature:

Move CAI::PickMove (int Square[5][5], int Level, vector LegalMoves)

where move is defined as in "move.h" as:
struct Move {
int x1, y1, x2, y2;
bool GiveUp, IsTakingMove;

My EXE program then calls the function PickMove of a CAI object that I know is otherwise working correctly.
The program then crashes and VC++ then displays the following error message:
"User breakpoint called from code at 0x77f5a58"
I have not knowingly inserted any kind of breakpoint into any of the files and I am certain that it is not the code in the body
of the function that is causing the error. Both the DLL and the EXE files' projects use the same version of "move.h", so
there should not be any obvious compatibility issues regarding the version of the Move object. Could anyone offer any
advice whatsoever regarding what may be causing the program to crash.

Thanks, Dan :-)


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