Help me please!

Hey All ...

Here is the problem ... Im designing a menu program that is

record / pointer / array based. The program opens a menu file,

and will either run another program, run another menu, and exit

that menu / program. The problem lie's at running another program

inside my menu program. I get the DOS ERROR #8 - not enought

memory. Could anyone out ther hellp me with this problem m haveing?

if so eithre e-mail me ASAP or message me back on the board ...

It would be greatly apricated!




  • Probably your program grabs all the memory that is available

    and uses it for its heap, so make the heap of your program smaller.

    You can do this by using the $M compiler switch

    (Look in pascal's online help)

    or somewhere in the compiler settings you can set the heap size too.

    Yeah...i assumed you're using turbo pascal



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