Hello from room moderator

Hello everyone!
I'm new room moderator.
I should inform you about it and also remind that:
Room moderator is expected to delete old/satisfied/irelevant/duplicate messages. I hope you will keep some rules and help me to keep this room tidy ;)

I hope this message board to be still so frequently used. Even more different opinions are welcomed. And please, if somebody answers your question enough successful say "thank you"/"thanx"/"thx" or anything like this. It looks honestly and it would help me not to delete unreaded messages. If I delete some unreaded thread you still can find it in message history.

Some details about me are in my personal page but in shortcut:
I'm student (secondary school of electrical engineering) and I like computers, electronics, girls and others nice things ;)
My main programming language is VB6 but I'm still learning and I also can useful use some anothers (VB.NET, assembler x86, assembler PIC, Pascal, Delphi, C etc...)
[blue]And I like blue color ;-)[/blue]

Here are some [red]Post RULEs:[/red]
I didn't created them BUT I would like them to be kept.

Only post VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) related messages, All other messages might be deleted.
[blue] !!! [/blue] Don't post any job offers in this messageboard. Use the Job Messageboard for that.

[blue]Please[/blue] [red]avoid[/red] using subjects such as "HELP!" and "Newbie". A descriptive subject like "When starting Xwindows I get error "xyz"" will probably get attention a lot sooner.

Best regards
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