I have ot write a program that goes like this and I have the slightest idea what to do. Can you help me please?
-0.12143386 -0.09646022 0.68295795 -0.46323618 -0.54307461
-0.17954081 -0.97400606 -0.12463734 0.05923075 0.00588372
0.76185226 -0.14426459 0.26276532 0.51513702 -0.25368765
0.54993927 -0.14510864 0.06722072 -0.62988740 0.52462691
0.26489076 0.01178539 -0.66668576 -0.34609193 -0.60452008

These can be made into files by marking and copying them using the browser, and
then pasting them into the telnet window with pico running.

Make a file in your system for each of these matrices.

Then write a C program that prompts the user for a file name and then reads the
matrix file into a 5x5 floating-point array, and then prints the matrix back
out. The reading and printing should be done with functions, so that they can
be used in the next exercise.

Thank you very much for your help.
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