Dexterity Studios Looking For a Programmer

Hey Guys (and Gals),
My, Name is Chris Coleman, and I am Lead Designer for Dexterity Studios, a new game design studio based in Kent, Washington. I was wondering if there are any Programmers in this community that live in the Tacoma, Kent, Seattle area of Washington, that are hungry for some game making experience. Currently we are unfunded so pay would consist of royalties and such when the game is released.
We are also in talks with such publishers as Codemasters, Microsoft, and Vivendi Universal. So when we obtain a publisher, there will be a regular pay check of around 2-3.5 grand a month. We need a Programming Lead and an assistant Programmer. If there isn't anyone in this community that can perhaps fill the holes in my roster is there someone that could possibly direct me to a few more Programming communities so that I may continue my search. If you have some info that could possibly help us out, or are interested in joining, send your Resume, and an example of code to, and I will answer you swiftly.
Thank you,
C Coleman
Dexterity Studios
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