VBA with MS Word and Excel 2000

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Good day ladies and gentlemen... Im glad to be here at programmersHeaven.com. I'll cut to the chase. I am a web developer. I have some very slight experience with programming. Not enough to claim the name programmer. I am in a bit of a pickle. I have been tasked with making Word, Outlook, and Excel (or Access, whichever is easier) talk to each other and work together. I know that I will need to use VBA. But like I said, I dont know programming very well... this is how the flow of the project should work:
There is a document, lets call it report.doc, that contains a form with some fields that a user will fill in using drop boxes and text fields. The user will then click a sumbit button and this will cause report.doc and the information that was input to be saved as a new document and then emailed to a set email account. The monitor of this email account will then view report.doc and assign a "class" to the report, which I am wanting to be a new drop down list viewable by only this user. He will then click a new submit button and the information will be entered into either access or excel...
This is all how I would like it to work in theory. I could easily do this with ASP, javascript, and SQL but the requestor of this project has been so "attached" to his little word doc that they refuse to let it go...
so... please HELP ME!! any advice is greatly appreciated

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