new programming groups

CppJAVA is geared towards anything to do with java or C++ (I know C++ farily well [I won 1st in the state], and I know Java AWT,threads,events,& graphics inside and out).

TICALC101 deals with anything to do with ticalcs (I know basic and TICGG, and I am still learning assembly. I am very well situated with the TI89, and I know the ti83+ inside and out, at least from the user-end).

PROGRAMMING101 deals with general concepts, applications, and ideas (i.e. 3D mechanics and graphics). I started out thinking programming was too tough, but I turned out to be one of the best as far as what I know, and I have mastered concept after concept, and learned many techniques and applications, all from just figuring it all out and experimenting.


  • "I turned out to be one of the best" ;)

    I dont know many people darin to say their one of the best ;)

    However,the general thing sounds interesting.what exactly does it deal with?3d/game programming?Perhaps I could add something to the win32/opengl/C part of it.

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