installing redhat 9.0 on mercury motherboards

hi guys

I have tried installing redhat 9.0 on my friends system which has a Mercury motherboard. the problem i encountered was that the X system does not startup. is it only the unavailability of the drivers or is it something else ?



  • Hi,
    If you choose Graphical Mode Installation & it was installed in text mode than most probably it is driver problem. And if you choose text mode installation method than you better check the following things.

    first try 'startx' if GNOME X Windows starts(by default GNOME install on RedHat system) than your driver is Ok.
    if it also don't work than probably driver problem. & if it works than you can change to always start in graphical mode by modifying the following vales in the file "file://etc/inittab" open this file & search for the line probably at line 18.


    change the value to 5 from 3. save it & restart system. Again if it is already 5 than you better search driver for your system.

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