please help with detail information.

One thing should be clear that this problem is different from my previous problem which i've posted in my previous msg. ( for those who read that & replied. "that is solved" )
I'm trying to install a software which requires a library to be installed on my system.
I've downloaded the src file of a library. As mentioned in the Install file i've run the ./configure n ./make files. But again when i install that software it is giving error msg of "failed dependincies". As according to my knowledge there is some link to be created but this thing is not mentioned in the installation file. Any suggestions. please help.....
Thanx in advance.


  • When you're messing about installing libraries make sure you know about the ldconfig command which configures dynamic libraries. Do a 'man ldconfig' at the prompt for more info.

    Also, the system may not be able to find you library, is the place where the library is installed in your path? If so you'll probably want to add it to your path, check out the export command for more info on how to do this in Bash or setenv for how to do this in csh/tcsh.

    Another thing, if you are updating a library then you need to update the symbolic link to the library (or the system will still use the old lib). Do this by using the ln command. Make sure you do the whole thing at once - update and remove the old link, or it might not work, by adding the -s and -f switches.

    ln -sf

    Finally find out what libs are causing the failed deps, it may be an entirely different lib which you have not installed!

    Hope this helps.

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