Hidden Backup Utility in WinXP Home Edition

Hidden Backup Utility in WinXP Home Edition:

Back up your data:

The most effective preventative measure one can take to avoid serious problems in WinXP is to back up your data. Regular backups provide a safety net should you encounter trouble that you can't remedy.

WinXP Professional includrs a backup utility with its default installation, but WinXP Home Edition does not; however, you can install a backup utility from your WinXP home Edition CD-Rom. To launch the installation, insert the WinXP CD-Rom into your disk drive and browse to the NTBackup folder using the following path: X:VALUEADDMSFTNTBACKUP (X: repesents the letter assigned to your disk drive). Click on the Ntbackup.msi icon and follow the on-screen instructions to install the utility.

I should warn you , however, that WinXP Home Edition doesn't support all the features in the backup utility, like ASR (Automated System Recovery) although it is part of the Backup utility Microsoft doesn't support its use on WinXP Home Edition (which is why the backup utility isn't installed by default on WinXP Home Edition in the first place).
The outher features of the Backup utility work reasonably well with WinXP Home Edition. Remember always backup your data and save it to another hard drive or removable media like CD-RW, CD-R.
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